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title conundrum

After penning a two-thousand-nine-hundred word story I was dismayed to find the most difficult part was coming up with a title that encompassed the story as a whole without giving away the ending. To me, it is much easier to find a title for a blog post. Short, sweet, and it really doesn’t matter if, within your title, you encompass all you are saying in your post, because they are usually only about five-hundred words long.
If I didn’t mind my reader’s knowing the ending, it would have been an easy task. But the enjoyment of suspense keeps me in a title conundrum.


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rain, rain, go away?

Many fair weather friends move to our area of Colorado because of our, well, fair weather. According to the always helpful Wikipedia, we can boast sunny days 73% of the year. Rarely will you find a soul living here who expresses their enthusiasm for cold, rainy, or snowy weather.
I fear I am one of the few that relishes in these sunless days. I  delight in them. They call for me to grab a great book, cup of tea, and curl up on the couch. On the extremely rare occasion I do come upon another who enjoys the snow and cold as much as I, we are sure to be best of friends for eternity.
Cloudy, rainy weather has masked our normally sun infused skies in recent days.  So when, after a couple of these rare days, some friends began complaining, saying they hated weather such as this, I decided to go on the defense. It is April after all, and we all know what April has in store for the natural world. Rain. Rain. Rain. Being that we also live in a semi-arid climate, the rain is a necessity. In defense of the rain, I asked if they liked flowers. (No, I am not good at comebacks. Never have been and never will be.) Relenting, they replied that, yes, they did. I think it brought it into perspective.
I suppose when we (including myself) have a life that is going smoothly, our tendency its to complain about anything that isn’t going our way. Weather being the top choosing of things to badger when we are looking for a scape goat. It’s not a big deal for someone to make negative remarks about the weather, I just tire of the griping when we really have it quite good. I imagine myself living in the drought stricken land of Texas, and praying for rain.
Not too worry, I will do my share of whining when the thermostat hits ninety degrees farenheit. I do hate hot weather!

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a hope for a view

Building an addition (which includes a second story) to our home brings with it many benefits. A lot more room being one of my favorites. But the one positive that usurps the dream of having more room for our family of both two legged, and four legged members, is the idea of having a peaceful place to write. In our second story master bedroom I was going to place my dream desk in the corner, facing the beautiful mountains. I have pondered and anticipated the renovations and building for a few months, so excited to have a place where my imagination could run free. Imagine: no toys on the floor, ready to trip me if I budge. No paperwork teetering on the side of the family desk, waiting for someone’s attention (probably mine). No staring at a wall devoid of inspiration. Nope, it would be magnificent.
That is until yesterday, when I stared up at the void of space where the second story would one day exist. To my utter dismay I noticed that the neighbors towering evergreen tree would no doubt block my view of the mountain from my new window. I had hoped the tree would be in just the right spot, so it wouldn’t disrupt my desired outcome, but it seems I misjudged its existence within the space.

Knowing now is better than finding out later. I will have to look for my creative motivation either in the pine tree or a photograph strategically placed upon my desk. I believe I will opt for the latter.

photo courtesy of Ryan Johnstone

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the last two hours

I have dittled (maybe an aspiring author shouldn’t begin with a word that does not exist) and dawdled, wondering what I should write my first posts about. I have spent the past two hours looking at other writer’s blogs to see what the norm looks like. To my dismay, I either saw that they were published authors and were chatting about their new releases, or their recent book signing tours. (Don’t have one of those, and I’m not traveling anywhere outside of Colorado soon. )Some were discussing whatever is was that sounded interesting to them, being a modern day Pollyanna for one. Finally after wasting my two precious hours while the kids were sleeping, not doing anything I wanted to, like WRITE, I have come to the conclusion that’s just what I’ll do. Write. And here, I just found my first topic. And isn’t it so fitting that it jives with what most writers deal with. A lack of focus. Those dang shiny things always tend to distract me.

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