a lesson in encouragement 101

May 19, 2011 at 11:21 pm Leave a comment

Miss Bliss (whose name I have changed for her privacy) needs to attend Encouragement 101. Really, she needs to begin with #1. Way back at the beginning.

I attend a writer’s group once a month, and this woman, Miss Bliss, comes to share her wealth of information. Or, so she thinks. During the gathering of the last group, the leader announced that I had sent my short story off for a competition. Embarrassed, I waited as the others began to applaud my meager attempts at becoming a writer.

Miss Bliss threw her arms up in the air in excitement. “I submitted a story to (said) competition and received eighth place out of thirty-two entries.” She went on to tell the others of her submission, and something else, but I was no longer listening. Sorry, I have a short attention span.

The group’s leader interjected (now I am listening again because my ears perk up when someone interrupts another who is speaking). “It’s always great to submit your work,” she smiled and looked my way.

But Miss Bliss wasn’t finished, she never is. “Oh yes, submitting opens yourself to rejection.” Obviously she wasn’t talking of herself here, because she had received eighth place. I felt like she was directing her comment towards me. Even if she wasn’t, it just wasn’t the right timing in my opinion.

Miss Bliss hasn’t read my manuscript. Many others in the room had, and at our previous get together, I had heard their critiques. Some positive, and some gave advice for changes which needed to be made. If it hadn’t been for the others in the group I think my spirits would have been crushed. I am wondering if her words were meant to be encouraging…


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