a vacation in Ouray, Colorado (post #2)

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Ouray, Colorado

poolside view

Saturday dawned cloudy, but void of rain and snow. So we sat by the pool, we read, and  I wrote.

Like I’ve said, we’ve been to Ouray several times, but we never ventured far from the Goldbelt for our meals. Other less than enjoyable experiences have rendered us leery. We are also two people who get stuck in a certain way of doing things. This time I was ready to venture out (thankfully the hubby agreed with me). When I noticed the Goldbelt was open for lunch, I still decided to brave the unknown and eat at Backstreet Bistro. The locals were in and out of there like birds on our feeder, so we knew it had to be good.

It was so scrumptious that we ate lunch there twice. Their bread and bagels were perfect, we wondered if they were baked down the street at the Artisan bakery.

The signage for Backstreet Bistro isn’t very visible from the street. Justin decided to make a comment about it to the young man taking our order. He looked at my husband and said, “We mostly rely on word of mouth. That’s how we like to do it.”

That’s a great way to look at it, but not when you are trying to survive in a tourist town. A major highway slides through Ouray, and many people are passing through. They look out from their vehicles and wonder where they should stop. Signs help. But, it’s their business, and if they want to survive on the locals, all the power to them.

After lunch we were off to find gifts for the kids. A favorite gift shop we like to stop at is Mountain Fever, they seem to stock everything from mountain decor, clothing, and mugs, to collectibles, and jewelry. I recognized the sales woman from our last shopping excursion.

We would love to move to the Ouray area, so I decided to ask if she lived in town (some travel from larger cities). She said yes. I asked if she liked living there, and she responded, “Yes, but it’s pretty desolate in the winter.”

The locals we ran into were ecstatic that it wasn’t snowing, the temperature was comfortable, and the sun was occasionally peeking through the clouds. I would imagine winter makes for a beautiful, but lonely place.

Ouray’s Main Street offers diverse choices for visitors. The east side of the street seems to have more specified stores – bookstore, glassworks, antiques, jewelry, and an upper scale clothing store. While the west side offers shops for the tourist looking for the usual  gift for a family member or friend.

our adventures to be continued…


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