the cost (life) of finding a new home

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“The river’s deep, the river’s wide, the river’s water is alive…” These are the lyrics to a song by Steven Curtis Chapman. All to real in so many states right now, ours included.
The Colorado River runs through our little city. The excessive amounts of snow which accumulated in the nearby mountains over the winter is liquifying so fast that homes are being flooded along the banks of the river. Yesterday I was driving alongside the river when I noticed several animals lying in the road. Dead. It’s a rare site in our area, so I took notice. I looked out at the usually desolate plain and saw that the water had filled it in. Soon I realized that the dead animals must be prairie dogs, who had been forced from their cozy underground abodes, and into the street, where they were hit by oncoming traffic.
I am an animal lover. I often have more compassion for animals than humans. It’s something that I don’t like revealing about myself, but it’s also something I deal with on a regular basis. Children are a different case, but teens and adults can make choices. Animals often find themselves as the innocent party to a cruel and heartless world. I felt horrible for these poor prairie dogs who were just trying to make a short move to the other side of the street, when they met their fate. I won’t emit those who most likely swerved to hit them on purpose.
I do feel horrible for humans who have lost loved ones, their homes, and precious belongings due to natural disasters. I can’t imagine what going through such pain must be like. At the same time I wonder about all the creatures who are losing their lives, or ones they love at the same time. I can’t help it.
For all those who say that animals don’t know any different, maybe you should spend some time living near a farm. There is one close to our house, and I hear the mama cows mewling (not mooing) as their babies are taken away from them. I know they care. Animals aren’t immune to tragedy, we just want to believe they are.
Now I have to figure out why I’m not a vegetarian. And I wonder, who doesn’t think these guys are just adorable?

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the musician, Meat Loaf, looks like….. adoption date!

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