place the blame on the right name

July 16, 2011 at 3:15 am Leave a comment

Have you ever noticed that people place blame where it doesn’t belong? If the food at a restaurant comes out of the kitchen over cooked, under cooked, or not even resembling what was ordered, the customer has often been known to rage at the waitress. Is it her fault? The price went up at the gas pump, and anger is taken out on the cashier. Is it his fault? The line at the grocery store goes all the way down to isle six, and those who wait to get through scowl at the cashier as she swipes their items across the scanner. Was it her fault?
I see it everywhere. The human race wants to blame someone else for everything. Every problem they encounter. And what about those souls who are stuck in the middle? It has always astonished me that we (I can include myself) are so quick to find another at fault, when, if we would just think before acting, we might find that the problem had nothing to do with that particular person. I wish we would all think before acting. The world would be a much more pleasant place.


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