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Think about your friends. Where did you meet each one? They can come out of the oddest places and at the strangest times.

A very good friend of mine didn’t come at a strange time in my life. No, that part actually made sense. What was odd for me, was where she came from.

You see, I live in a safety bubble, especially when it comes to people I might get close to. That’s why my friendship with Karen is so interesting to me.

I met Karen online, which is kind of weird in itself if you know me. She had adopted, and was about to do so again. She was on an adoption forum (a place online where people who are interested in the same things can chat), and that’s where we started talking. Over three years ago.

She’s an amazing woman, and has turned into a great friend, which was completely unexpected. What was even more unforeseen than that was when her family traveled from Iowa to the Colorado Rockies for their summer vacation. Well, not so strange as her and her husband had honeymooned in Breckenridge, CO, which happened to be the same place my hubby and I honeymooned.

She said she wished we could see each other, and I replied that I wished the same (this all done via email). Next thing I knew we were going to meet them near Breckenridge, and then she invited us to stay in their condo.

I couldn’t believe their generosity. We had only emailed, never spoke on the phone, had never met in person. In that moment our friendship took on a new meaning for me. It didn’t matter if what we had was formed through conversations at Starbuck’s, play dates with our kids, or over hundreds of emails, we have a friendship that is closer than many I have experienced in my lifetime.

I was so excited to finally spend time with Karen face to face, and meet her family that I had heard so much about.

We ended up meeting in Glenwood Springs because of some issues that came up with our extended family. Karen even offered to drive the two extra hours to meet us there. That was added on top of the fourteen hours they had driven in the two days prior.

It takes situations like these to get to know a person on a deeper level, and I really appreciated how far Karen and her family went out of their way to see us. Her kindness showed through every moment.

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them surprise us. I am happy to be surprised. Her support through our experience in foster care and the adoption of our children has meant the world to me. I only hope that I can do for her, what she has done for me.


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