about Tracy Whitt

I am the lucky mommy of two adopted children, one boy, and one girl. I am the wife of one lucky man, oh wait, I mean I am the lucky one! I love to write, and I am an activist for abused and neglected children. While visiting my site you may find ramblings about the manuscripts I am getting published, posts about my life, and some ideas on adoption and foster care thrown in because it’s one of my passions.

My husband and I adopted our children through foster care. While in the throws of doing foster care for the first time (our daughter), my passion for writing resurrected itself. So, here I am, writing and hoping to one day reach the masses.

My blog is called One Petal at a Time because a respected gentleman once proclaimed that I was a flower that had yet to bloom. Through various events in my life, I have felt those petals begin their unfurling process, therefore culminating in the title of this blog.


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