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a tornado and the end of the world

Those living in Joplin, Missouri may have thought Judgement Day had arrived one day late. We all passed through Saturday, May 21, without any mass hysteria or Apocalypse. But imagine how those who live in and around Joplin felt on Sunday when the most devastating tornado since 1899 ripped through the area. The first reports were that it was the deadliest twister since the 1950s, but that number was recently changed to 1899. Seeing or hearing something so massive tear through your backyard must bring visions of the end. Sadly, for some it did.

People around the world are relieved they made it through the predicted Judgement Day, others wish it had come so they could be swept up to heaven, leaving this earthly life. And yet, many looked with apathy at the prophecy, thinking it ridiculous. Meanwhile those in Missouri are wondering. What were they thinking in their last moments? What went through their minds as they heard the sound of a train blowing by their homes or businesses? They were not relieved.


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