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devil in the white city

I’m not a big fan of nonfiction, but in Erik Larson’s book The Devil in the White City, he took events which happened in the 1890s and composed a stellar masterpiece.

The San Francisco Chronicle says of The Devil in the White City, “As absorbing a piece of popular history as one will ever hope to find. Readers will soon forget that Larson’s work is nonfiction and, instead, imagine that they are holding fictional page-turner.” I agree wholeheartedly, I hated setting it down.

What stood out to me most was the multiple historical figures who are mentioned among it’s pages. Not only do people such as, Walt Disney’s father (he worked on buildings at the Fair), Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Susan B. Anthony, and Mark Twain make appearances at the Fair, there are numerous inventions revealed at the Exposition. They include, but aren’t limited to the Ferris Wheel, Shredded Wheat, spray paint, and the belly dance.

The way that Erik Larson weaved this book of murder, personal growth (and demise), and imagery is truly an amazing feat.

Yes, I am aware that this book was released in 2003. Remember that I am not a big fan of nonfiction. If I do have the time to read, I would love to get lost in another world. Surprisingly this book did just that.


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