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Will Write for Food

When I saw that Dianne Jacob, the author of Will Write for Food had written an article for Writer’s Digest, I recalled reading her book last year. I devoured it. I had no intention of writing about food when I picked up her book, but I did think it might have some advice on blogging, and it did.

The beautiful cover is what drew me to pick it up off the shelf. Once I opened it, I found she writes with enthusiasm and a love for helping others follow their passion of blogging and writing about food. I was so encouraged by her writing that I felt I could become a food writer. Beautiful food presentations, and visiting various restaurants sounded appealing.

That was, until I realized that I don’t have a varied pallet. I am a simple consumer. No tomatoes unless they are cooked. No lettuce on my sandwich, please. I don’t each much pork, or beef. Beef only if its a tender brisket, or in a strip for fajitas. I don’t want a tiny portion fit for someone 5’4” and skinny as a rail, because I am neither one of those. And, please don’t give my anything spicy. Nothing from the sea, it makes me squeamish. No, it would be like a vegetarian writing about the delicacies of meat.

It’s a good writer that can make someone feel like they can do something they know in their sane mind they would be horrible at. Dianne Jacob did just that.


June 6, 2011 at 5:00 pm 2 comments

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