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a wish to build a dream on

Writer’s have something they want to share with the world, and this author is going for it with all she has. Michelle Hoover, author of The Quickening,¬†will be taking a year off from her career to write. She lives on a single income, and this is why I find this idea so inspiring. You can read her interview with Sharon Bially here:

I wonder what it would be like to take a year and focus on writing. For me it would be quite impossible as I have toddlers, whom I am mommy to full time. Then I begin thinking of my attention span (or lack thereof). It’s really barely holding on by a thread.

One example of this being last night, while my dear husband and I were relishing a quiet house (interspursed with the pitter-patter and meowing of kittens). I recently finished reading The Devil in the White City, and had shared each interesting fact with my oh so patient husband. He was now taking a rare, and well deserved hour to peruse this amazing work of nonfiction. I was finally reading Water for Elephants, which I find entertaining. Even while enjoying my book, I continually looked over at him and shared what was on my mind. “What have you read about so far?” “Don’t forget, tomorrow…” “Oh, and I was thinking…”

Later, I made the comment about how much he had read in such a short amount of time. In kind, he said, “If you would actually read…” So true. If I didn’t chatter, get up hundreds of times to to the bathroom, get a drink of water, write something on a sticky note so I wouldn’t forget it later, check on twitter to see how my platform is growing (or dissolving), I would get a lot more read. Or written.

I get distracted easily, I lack anything resembling an attention span. So when I think of taking a “sabbatical”to write (even though it’s virtually impossible), I have this deep seated feeling it might not work very well.


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