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cauterized word count (blog post)

Maybe writing isn’t for me, I almost titled this “catheterized word count.” That is an image that I wasn’t intending to give you.
I am still working on my novel, and I thought it was going fairly well. Although, I am having issues with the main character, she seems to be lacking a true personality. My biggest problem though? The word count.
I have been writing the story long hand. Yes, weird in this age of technology, but for me it helps the ideas flow. Possibly because it moves slower, therefore I am able to create the scenes and characters as I move across the page, instead of getting to the end of typing a sentence and have no idea what’s to happen next. Obviously I am not an outliner.

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I felt that I was far along in my so-called novel, so I began typing it out. Boy was I shocked when I came to 18,000 words when I thought I was at least 3/4 of the way to the end. The novel I am working on needs to contain 90,000 words. Yes, 90,000 words!!! Yikes!
I really am in a sort of freak-out stage. I only have a few more scenes and I feel that my WIP (work in progress) will have run its course. I am sorely disappointed. saddened. Grieving. Angry. Wishing it were different. I WANT to write a novel. I thought I could do it. Now I am left wondering, contemplating this piece as a whole, ruminating over what holes I haven’t filled.
Is there hope? How do I do it? I am constantly reading about the craft of writing. Probably a ratio of 10:1 (reading about it: actual time spent writing). Sure, I have seen mentions of outlines, character profiles, ideas to get the creativity flowing. But what about creating a sheer behemoth of a book? So many writers accomplish the task. But how? I thought my idea was big, but now I’m finding it’s infinitesimally small.
In addition, how can a woman not accomplish the feat of coming up with 90,000 words when she uses thousands of them each day?
If you wrote, or are writing a novel, was it easy for you to come up with the 90,000+ words it takes to create your work?


February 27, 2012 at 2:56 pm 4 comments

it’s a turtles race – the writing life

My husband thinks I’m a slow driver. Although he’s encouraging in most areas of my life, he has no problem telling me this.  In fact, he tells me I am slow in everything I do. It’s true. I am. But I like to define it as “precise”. I have an aversion to doing things twice. I will do many things, but rushing through something so I can turn around and redo it? No thank you. For example I like to wait until all the leaves have fallen off the trees in autumn, so I don’t have to rake more than once. Unless of course I took the healthier point of view and did it for exercise. And why would I do that?

Yes, I write most WIP's long hand, and that makes it even SLOWER.

In my writing I am slow, usually pondering over every word, every sentence, punctuation, and paragraph. This is true mainly when it comes to writing everything except my blog (sorry dear friends). I strongly dislike editing, so if I can keep from making mistakes, I strive to do so. It comes back to doing everything twice. Sadly when it comes to the writing life it takes multiple do-overs before something is good enough to submit to an editor. Or so I’ve heard.
If you’re a writer, do you enjoy the editing process? For everyone: Are you quick in completing tasks, not over-worrying about the outcome?  Or are you more methodical in carrying out your responsibilities?

September 8, 2011 at 2:20 pm 2 comments

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