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Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady (flash fiction)

Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady

Have you ever experienced a moment when you felt beautiful? A moment when you, as a whole, were ready to take on the world? I had a moment once.
The smell of cherry blossoms filled the early evening air, I stood in the middle of a grass field. My white dress blew gently in the wind, the breeze lifted my soft dark curls and threw them lazily around my shoulders. Mark was next to me, intently listening to the band as they began a new song.
The first sultry words slid out, and I recognized it immediately. Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady. I turned to Mark, wondering why they would play my song.
His hand slid around my waist, his eyes full of love. “I’m sorry I was called out of town on your birthday. I hope to make it up to you.” His adoration for me was etched in his face. At this moment he could do no wrong.


This is from a Write on Edge Prompt.

Go to This Day In Music, and discover what was number 1 on the charts in the United States, England or Australia the day you or your character was born, or any other special day in your/their life, if you prefer.

Listen to the song(s) and let it inspire you. In 300 words or less.


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a hope for a view

Building an addition (which includes a second story) to our home brings with it many benefits. A lot more room being one of my favorites. But the one positive that usurps the dream of having more room for our family of both two legged, and four legged members, is the idea of having a peaceful place to write. In our second story master bedroom I was going to place my dream desk in the corner, facing the beautiful mountains. I have pondered and anticipated the renovations and building for a few months, so excited to have a place where my imagination could run free. Imagine: no toys on the floor, ready to trip me if I budge. No paperwork teetering on the side of the family desk, waiting for someone’s attention (probably mine). No staring at a wall devoid of inspiration.┬áNope, it would be magnificent.
That is until yesterday, when I stared up at the void of space where the second story would one day exist. To my utter dismay I noticed that the neighbors towering evergreen tree would no doubt block my view of the mountain from my new window. I had hoped the tree would be in just the right spot, so it wouldn’t disrupt my┬ádesired outcome, but it seems I misjudged its existence within the space.

Knowing now is better than finding out later. I will have to look for my creative motivation either in the pine tree or a photograph strategically placed upon my desk. I believe I will opt for the latter.

photo courtesy of Ryan Johnstone

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