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the musician, Meat Loaf, looks like…..

I like to keep music and the images of the musicians that create it separate. In the 90’s there was this awesome song, “I Would Do Anything for Love,” and I couldn’t get enough. I never saw the artist. I didn’t have MTV, and I am SO glad. Years later, my husband and I were talking about this great hit, and he mentioned how cute Meat Loaf was. I had never seen him, so he described his stunning good looks in detail. For once I was grateful that my parents hadn’t paid for cable when I was growing up, if only for that one reason. (If you have seen Meat Loaf you would know he isn’t so dashing.)

Meat Loaf at his best

For me, it ruins the song when I imagine an artist in my mind and then see someone completely different singing it. This happened recently with the group The Script. Amazing songs, but not who I had pictured in my mind. (I still don’t watch MTV, I have better things to do with my time. Do even have that anymore?)
I do have to say that Meat Loaf was recently on The Apprentice, and his heart of compassion and depth of feeling more than made up for his interesting looks he shared with the world many years ago.

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