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wake up and smell reality

In my last post I talked about some interesting research conducted on cellphones and their users. I wanted one of the most shocking reports to stand alone with it’s own blog entry. It came from the McCann World group. They found that “53% of sixteen to twenty-two year olds around the world would rather give up their sense of smell than their favorite personal technology device.”
In this study the researchers are going beyond cellphones to other devices, but the idea that people would rather lose their sense of smell than their electronic side kick is ludicrous. Of course these are teenagers and very young adults who were surveyed. I am also of the opinion that you can prove just about anything with a study (just get the right demographic to conduct your survey on, and wah lah).
Our sense of smell connects us to the world, and obviously those 53% haven’t lived long enough to wake up and smell the wonders (and not so wonderous) among us.
What have we come to when we are willing to trade technology for our natural senses? Would you give up one of your five senses for the guarantee of never losing your favorite gadget?


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are you there phone? it’s me.

It took me a while to get on the smartphone train. I saw people attached to theirs like it was an extra finger, and I honestly didn’t get it. So, I waited, thinking the extra cost of a data plan would be a waste. Then I began using Twitter more and more. Partly because of my writing, and partly to follow others and read their blogs. After many months of thinking about how a smartphone would be beneficial to my writing life, my husband surprised me with an iphone for my birthday. Woohoo! I was finally coming out of the dark ages. =)

A few days ago I saw a report by  MSN Money’s Partner, Main Street on a study conducted by PEW Research Center. The report said that “many Americans admit that they would have difficulty getting through the day without their cellphone.” Prior to receiving my wonderful gift, I didn’t quite understand what all the chattering was about. Remember, I do admit I was in the dark ages. Now, I have seen the light, and have more understanding of why Americans are so attached to their phones.

I am a fairly organized person (my husband would say this is an understatement). Now, instead of lists of to-do’s sitting on my desk, they are now compiled on my iphone in one nice, sticky-note free place. And, even though I’ve owned a Mac with iCal for over two years, the thought of getting rid of my oh so chic day planner (with cute flowers embossed on the cover) felt like throwing out my best friend (the one who helps me stay organized). I finally caved when I got the smartphone and entered everything on iCal and then synced it with my phone.

With those two amenities that I depend on day to day, added to the other “time wasting” conveniences I find myself in the same pontoon as those who would find it difficult getting through the day without their cellphone.

The PEW study also “found that 13% of cell owners have pretended to use their phone to avoid actually talking to the people around them.” I often wondered if all those walking around with a cell glued to their ear were really on a call. We honestly live in a fairly unfriendly society, and this just gives people one more excuse to ignore the person standing next to them in line at the department store.

Here is what the study found most mobile phones were used for: “text messaging (73%), picture taking (73%), sending photos or videos to others (54%), and accessing the internet (44%).” Despite the fact that I own an iphone, I am still in the minority when it comes to what I use it for. I don’t even have a text messaging plan, I pay for each one, if I even send any. I have taken a few pictures with it in the past month, but maybe it will become more frequent as I get used to the idea of having the world’s technology at my fingertips. I don’t send photos or videos from my device either. However, I do search the internet, which I have found to be of great benefit in this society of the immediate.

So, do you own a smartphone? If so, what do you use it for? Finding recipes? Chatting with friends? Getting the latest news? Or have you blown off societies attempt to separate us even farther from the human race, as in asking a friend for advice instead of “searching”?

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