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Last week we met with an attorney to begin the adoption process for our foster son. While sitting in the waiting area, we heard the entire conversation this attorney was having with a client. We were a little surprised.

It was time for our appointment, we sat across from her, a cluttered desk between us. A note was sitting next to her computer. It said, “TALK QUIETLY!”

But really these notes don’t do any good if we ignore them. (I am including myself in this instance.) The other day I noticed how many sticky notes were plastered around my house. These bright green, pink, blue, and purple notes have not escaped my attention before, they just seem to be multiplying recently. After recognizing my sticky note addiction, I tweeted on Twitter: Sticky notes RULE my life!

They are completely pointless if I ignore their existence, put off their demands, or cover them with yet another adorable note. Perhaps a pink one with flowers would be nice.

It seems that our attorney was fairly adept at over looking her note to “TALK QUIETLY.” Since lawyer/client privileges do exist, she could find herself in a sticky┬ásituation one day.


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