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7 tips on how to make it through college 101

I have decided to share my 7 tips on how to make it through college. In this list

No, this isn't my alma mater.

you won’t find ways to stave off the worst hangover of your life, however you will find some useful tips to help avoid some of the conundrums I found myself in as a college student. If like me, you are far beyond your university years, maybe this will guide you on a trip down the hall of good, and not so good memories.

#1 – When skipping classes to rest, it might be a good idea to rid yourself of the sleep wrinkles covering your face before you attend your next class, lest the professor notice and make a comment. Thankfully I learned this one from a distance. Yes, I had been sleeping as opposed to attending the required course, but my BF was the one with the sleep wrinkles.

#2 – Don’t allow the newbie carpenter to fix your bunk bed, otherwise your roommate and┬áher bed may collapse on you in the middle of the night. Yes, I lived through it.

#3 – Do NOT attain a dorm room adjacent to the Resident Assistant, or you may find yourself at her mercy more than you thought possible.

#4 – If you are the only student remaining in the dorms for the Thanksgiving holiday, and the fridge in the main kitchen dies, RUN. As fast as you can. Lest a certain vengeful RA tells you to clean it out, as she leaves for vacation.

#5 – Even if your parents are extremely┬ástrict and decide that going your freshman year without a car will teach you some sort of life lesson (not sure which one), beg them to change their mind. It really isn’t cool to beg for a ride to, well, anywhere.

#6 – Invest in a timer. Set it to go off when your laundry is finished. This way you can avoid the hot guy a few doors down from taking your underwear out and leaving it piled on top of the washer.

Share something crazy that happened to you in high school or college. Please keep it PG. Thanks.

To all those memories, good and bad.


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the condensed version

I feel guilty that I have to rack my brain to find a “worst memory.” The pain, heartache, and loss that so many have gone through make my life hiccups look pale in comparison.
I would say that my worst memory comes as an all over sense of self. One that feels less-than. For my entire life I have always had the inability to meet others’ expectations, I haven’t been good enough.
The fear has become so unmanageable that it invades my mind at night. Not in the form of dreams, but more like nightmares.
Maybe I could be the person everyone wants me to be, but if I had done that, I wouldn’t be where I am now. It has taken a certain bravery to attempt to shake off the expectations of a world where I don’t feel I belong. That bravery has brought me prizes that are beyond my dreams, AND nightmares.
This post idea came from Write on Edge [Remembe(RED)]. “Explore your worst memory.
What was it? How did it affect you? What would you have done differently, if anything?
We wanted you to imagine the act of writing it would free you from it.”

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