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women and peanuts – what the two may have in common

A long hiatus, but I’m back. It took some time without to-do lists coming out my fingertips, and a situation that got me fired up to sit down to write, but I am here.
Women are mean. I can exclude a few from this assumption, but not many. I can’t even leave myself out, as I have been mean at least once. =/ Okay, twice.
Have you ever watched The Apprentice? I am sure many of the sharp pointy nails come out for the purpose of ratings, but I have to wonder how much of it is true. The women back stab, bicker, and yell like no other. I am shocked by their utter ferocity when it comes to getting a job, or raising money for charity.
Just yesterday I realized how this behavior crawls it’s way into every day relationships between women. I knew we could be a mean species, but I rarely come in contact with the tenacious spirit of the female, probably because I keep my fair distance. I was trying to do something for someone, as she had asked for my help. When I wasn’t able to perform to her high standards (figuring out something she herself could not), she yelled at me in an email. My heart fell to the floor, and I was swiftly taken back to High School. That is literally the last time someone yelled at me.
Why are women so rude? So mean? So unforgiving? I can definitely be lumped in the “unforgiving” category, as it will take me a while to be cordial to this woman when I see her next time.
That reminds me, I even had the stupidest nightmare about her last night. She was a giant peanut (and I don’t mean the charming cartoon type), with little peanuts inside. She was grouped together with other large peanuts, but the rest were dead. She wasn’t. She came to life with gigantic spider arms, which encircled me and tried to kill me. Her face was the skeleton of an animal. Don’t ask me.
Maybe she was a peanut because we are humans with a shell. We can look beautiful (or not) on the outside, but you never really know what the inside holds unless someone peels us back. What will you find? Sensitivity? Hatred? Kindness? Loneliness? Someone who is stressed beyond their threshold? Interesting.
Until now, I just thought I had an insanely strange nightmare, but maybe there is more to it.
I will try to understand that this woman is dealing with issues far beyond me. Or at least I can hope I am not the only cause. And I will remember not to work with her on a project again. Thankfully we are not employed at the same company where we are forced to do so, we are volunteering. Doesn’t that make it all the more fun?

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